Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Keep Time from Being Stolen from You

Planning for Success means carefully overseeing and managing our time as if it were a very precious commodity...because Time really is that precious. The most important thing we can do to take control is to proactively safeguard our time. There are many methods and tools that we can put in place to achieve that goal.

One of the tools that I use is a Desk Top Daily Page to keep me focused on the tasks I have already planned for my day while giving myself a place for all of those things that "pop" up to steal away my time. This simple tool allows me to write down the things that come at me throughout my day that I want/need to remember, that may need to be scheduled once I have time to review them, items that need to be recorded quickly and filed later, quick To Do's that may come up and that I will need to decide if they are a priority for another day or even if I need to delegate them to someone else. [HINT: A blank sheet of paper will also work.]

Using a Daily Page on your desk or wherever you may visit regularly in your daily routine is a great way to manage your time without giving items that may derail your schedule more attention than they deserve at the moment they present themselves to you.

I write them down and then return quickly to the scheduled tasks of my day. Then, at the end of the day (each day), Review the Desk Top Daily Page and decide what to keep: Things that need priority by putting them into my schedule, Information to file for later (such as, tv shows/book titles/movie names you want to remember), etc.
Once I go through all of the notes I have made throughout the day on my Daily Page I throw it away. 

If it doesn't have priority, its place is in the trash, otherwise I would end up with a bigger problem...Paper Clutter!

This is my Desk Top Daily Page for February.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Time is Precious

Time is something that can never be replaced. 

Think about and plan your day as if you will never get one single moment back...because you won't!

Don't procrastinate!

Understand what YOUR priorities are and keep them.
Say NO when you can't and Yes when you can!.
Don't live your life just to please someone else.
Love yourself enough to make choices that will empower you to be the best YOU there is.

"How does all of this help you in managing your time, you ask?"

OMGosh...where do I start!!

Procrastinating is the #1 Reason you have clutter, you can't find the time to get stuff done, the reason that the holidays can be overwhelming and no longer fun...shall I go on with that thought?

Planning your time is imperative in learning your Priorities and will give you the power to say "NO" to things that will keep you from getting those Priorities accomplished. 
They don't call them "Priorities" for no reason at all!

When you take the time to plan your day based on the priorities you have for yourself and your family, you will absolutely know when you can say Yes or No, without guilt or fear of rejection. Your confidence will shine through and you will be able to stay focused on the people and things that matter and you will find that you have more time for the things you think you don't.

  • Stop giving your time away to other people.
  • Stop making their lives easier and yours seem as if it is just slipping away.
  • Stop feeling guilty for saying No to someone else...and realize instead that you are really saying is Yes to yourself.

Plan ahead...for YOU!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

SAHM - Stay at Home Mom's don't just STAY!!!!

I hate the term SAHM!

I was talking with another mom yesterday and she said, "So you are a Stay at Home Mom? I bet you are looking forward to having nothing to do when the kids go back to school." 


Yes, I stay at home  (SAHM) and yes I work at home (WAHM), but let's not discount all those mom's that "stay" at home to raise kids and run homes...they don't just "stay" at home...OMGosh, they work their freakin' butts off and deserve to be acknowledged for more than just "staying" home as if they have nothing to do during the school years.

Ok, sorry, rant for Saturday over...
Please return to whatever you were doing ;)

Have a great Weekend everyone!

Thanks for sharing my #rant.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Keep it Simple...Real Simple

A few sure fire tips to keep stress low and help you stay focused on getting things done...even if you get distracted easily.

Tip #1: One Small Bite at a Time
- The kids are bored and grumpy and are hanging all over you to entertain them, but you still need to get things done. Instead of looking at the big picture, break it down into small pieces.

Don't try to tackle the entire To Do List at once. 

Look at your list and grab the items that you can do in 10-15 minutes or less...
  • Wipe down the counters. 
  • Clean the bathroom toilets. 
  • Vacuum a single room. 
  • Load the dishwasher. 
The idea is to tackle the items that take little or no mental/physical effort to complete, but to actually be proactive in crossing items of that To Do List!
Keep this in mind when you are planning your week and writing down your To Do List ;)

Be sure to keep things you add on your To Do list in small "bites" and you will find tackling those tasks will be less stressful and you will get your tasks done.

Tip #2: Plan to Get Interrupted
-  I work from home, so sitting down to accomplish a project isn't always as "simple" as it sounds with 2 girls at home for summer vacation. Planning my time is an absolute must if I am going to get anything done, and done well. 

So I plan interruptions into my day by purposefully interrupting my work day.
Yep "purposefully interrupting"...you read that correctly!

I stop every 30 minutes or so to hang out with the girls, call a friend back that called during my "work" time, put a load of clothes in the washer, or whatever the task at hand might be for that break from work.

For projects that need uninterrupted time, I schedule those for early morning or late night hours when others don't "need" me :)

My girls generally sleep until 8am in the summer, so getting up an hour or so earlier than them gives me an opportunity to have time to work uninterrupted, as well, most people generally don't call or stop by before 8am...so the time is quiet and allows me to be very productive.

Knowing your daily life's typical interruptions will help you plan your schedule and be much more productive.

Tip #3: Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome (S.O.S.) & Stay Focused
- I am a creative type who can get distracted very easily. 
Setting myself up for success takes a little work. 
  • Love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Addicted to your Smart Phone notifications?
    Turn them off while you are working and plan for time to enjoy them.
  • Whistle While You Work
    Turn on some music and turn the TV off. It makes the work go faster and helps you get through a task without focusing on "not wanting" to do the task.
  • Set a Timer
    Keep To Do's at 15 minutes or less and set a timer (if the phone rings, call them after the timer goes off)
Distractions are all around us, but if you plan with distractions in mind, you will be much more effective in staying focused on getting things done. 

& you will
Get Things

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back to School...Really?

I can't believe it is already time to go back to school...only 27 days of Summer Vacation is left! Where did all the lazy days of Summer go?

I guess it is back to reality and time to get a jump on grabbing those school supplies and preparing for the new school year.

It is really important to start shopping early so you don't miss out on any of the sales or items that will disappear closer to when school starts.

If you have access to the supply list, put it in your planner NOW!

Keep school supply list(s) with you so you can grab items as you are out and about shopping and avoid the mad dash rush with everyone else who is doing the entire Back to School shopping at one time.

Many items that teachers request can sell out fast, so don't wait for the sale. Be sure to keep all of your receipts and as items are marked down later, you can take the receipt to the store to have the price adjusted if needed. 

Keep a storage bin with school supplies all year round and "shop" your bin first to make sure you are not buying something you already have.

Keeping a storage bin allows me to buy multiple items that are in high demand throughout the year, but I get them at the best Back to School price once a year. 

Important items to buy at this time of year are 

  • crayons
  • notebooks
  • paper
  • folders
  • pencils/pens
  • markers
  • glue/glue sticks

The prices on these "staple" items are the best you will find them all year, so stock up. What you don't use throughout the school year, you may have for next year ;)

Not a mom? No kids heading Back to School in your home?
This still applies to you...like I said previously, this is the BEST time of the year to stock up on items you may need for your home. 
We all use pens, pencils, tape, glue, paper, etc....and this is the time to buy it!

Don't let Back to School sneak up on you...get started today and get yourself organized so you aren't doing the last minute shopping dash with everyone else.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Change...It's All Good

Change is difficult for some and exciting for others, but 

Especially when it means that you are moving in a direction 
that will fuel your creativity and bring you planner happiness :)

my UNcluttered life will be transforming in a brand new direction 
with lots of amazing changes happening over the next 2 weeks!

You will be saying "Hello" to lots of new items, and 
"Goodbye" to those that will be retiring on July 31st.

There are so many new options heading your way that 
you will have fun deciding which ones to choose.

One that I am really excited about is the 
ability to purchase an entire Category!

Like a design and want 
I have created in that design?

Then you will love this!

Purchase the Category and you will purchase access 
to my DropBox folder for that Category forever
...yep, forever!

How does it work?
Every single time I add a new item to that Design Category 
you will have immediate access to it.
And, even if I create an item and decide not to add it in the shop, 
it will still be in that folder.

Sometimes I just like to be creative and have fun
...not everything I create makes it into my shop ;)

That is just one of the new ways you will be able to 

Stay tuned...
August 1st is going to be filled
 with lots of exciting changes!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Finding Balance in Chaos

Finding balance in the chaos of everyday life can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, especially when you are working, raising kids, maintaining a home and occasionally trying to carve out some time for yourself.

STOP letting someone else 
drive your momentum!

You can take control if you set your mind to do it. Like all things in life, you will need a plan of action in this case it is your planner, 
but I will get to that in a bit...

Do you ever look at another mom or co-worker and wonder how they always seem to "have it together"...the term "flying by the seat of their pants" is NEVER attached to them? They always look rested. They are always on time. They always look pulled together and ready for anything. I am sure you already have someone in your mind that you thought of when you read those descriptions. The question is what makes them different from you? 

Do you ever wonder 
"How do they do it?"
You know you do...that was totally rhetorical ;)

The answer is...they PLAN their time.
But more importantly, they follow their plan
know how to adjust their schedules (priorities) when emergencies arise, 
and know how to say "no" when they have to.

Getting in the routine of "balancing the chaos" of everyday life takes time and practice.
You don't just wake up one morning and decide that from today forward you will be organized and on time for everything.

BUT, you can decide that from this day forward you are going to start doing what it takes to be more organized and begin the steps to take control of your life and the momentum to get you where you need and want to go.

When I started this journey a few years ago, I could never say "No" or so I thought.
It seemed that I was actually very, very good at saying no, just to the wrong people and events in my life. When I said yes to another volunteer activity, I said no to time with my family, work on my business (time with my customers) and a whole host of activities that were my real priorities (laundry, grocery shopping, etc etc etc). 

Taking control of my time meant knowing and planning my priorities ahead of time 
so that when someone asked for my time I adjusted my answer 
to "I need to check my schedule first" and if I was available great, 
and if not, a polite "no, I am unavailable" was the new answer.

So, back to the planner part.
How can you know and plan your priorities?
You have to write it down!
(or for those of you who love apps, get one...but use it).

Set aside time each week to look over both your calendar and your family's calendars and make sure that you have everything written in your planner that are priorities for your week, and then be sure to PLAN time for yourself each day so that you don't have yourself running from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep.
(I do my planning on Sunday evenings at the start of the new week)

It's a cycle and it starts with knowing your priorities and learning to keep them 
by saying no to others in order to say yes to your priorities first.

PS. In reference to "they always look rested" - it's because they are:)
They aren't still trying to get things done at midnight because they said "yes" to more than they could accomplish in one day. 

Go to bed early and Wake up early. 

It will change your life...I promise!